Initial Screening (Questions)

1. Duration of your remote work and relevant experience?
2. Do you possess both backup power and broadband (excluding mobile data)?
3. Is there a nearby co-working space available to you, preferably from Regus or another reputable provider, for use 4. during prolonged outages?
5. Current engagement/client or none?
6. How did you learn about job opening?
7. How did previous employments end?
8. Field of expertise?
9. Can you manage full time/part time?
10. Rate experience (1-10)
11. Rate Verbal Comm Skills (1-10)
12. Rate Written Comm Skills (1-10)
13. Do you take ownership?
14. What makes u want to work?
15. How do you handle stress/pressure?
16. Attitude towards targets?
17. Was there a target you haven’t reached before?
18. In your previous work experience, was there a time you experienced failure/mistake that had impact on you?
19. Weaknesses?
20. Follower or Leader?
21. Work alone or in team?
22. Do you see yourself in long term employment?
23. Expectations from company?
24. What is your salary expectation?
25. Notice period in your current employment?