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3 P’s of Relaxing Break from Work

Entrepreneurs who continuously work without day-offs are more likely to experience burnout. When brain circuits are used repeatedly until they are worn out, burnout results. Our minds are fundamentally healed by breaking our patterns in a new setting, which helps us to focus and gain perspective. Thus, taking a break from work translates to relieving stress and improving productivity.

Taking breaks does not mean slacking off, instead it is a way of taking care of your business. Here are tips on how to achieve a relaxing break from the daily grind without worrying about your business.

Plan it ahead.
Your break from work should ideally be regular. Plan it out by checking your calendar and choose the dates which have the least amount of work. Like any other significant milestone, your break deserves to be protected. Even the thought of a break might be relieving if burnout is a result of ongoing working stress.

Prepare your employees.
Before going on any vacations, make sure your company can continue to run without you. Give other leaders the authority to take on responsibilities, schedule content in advance, and use systems or software to automate chores that traditionally fall under your purview.

Play and have fun.
A break from work is a moment to rest and recharge. It is a method of upsetting your regular work routine in order to build new neural connections, feel motivated, and reenergize. This entails getting more sleep, exercising frequently, and practicing mindfulness, whatever that means to you. Take a six-week course in meditation, practice yoga, go on long treks, or begin journaling.

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