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Five Characteristics of an Effective Virtual Assistant

Time is both a virtue and a commodity. When you can add time to your day, whether personally or professionally, whatever is providing you with that value is well worth retaining. A virtual assistant (VA) can provide you with the time or value you require. You’ll find that having a VA allows you to breathe a little easier and that you’re not constantly chasing your tail.

Virtual Assistant requirements vary depending on the company or client’s demands, however there are some basic attributes that all excellent VAs should possess.

Ability to Communicate

VAs must be able to communicate effectively. They must advise clients on how the job is progressing and when to do so at the start of each new task.

Ability to Organize

VAs should be able to focus on multiple tasks at the same time and understand how to set and meet deadlines. They must keep track of what they must do and when they must do it.

Ability to Manage Time

They should know how to prioritize their work even if they are working on multiple projects.


Flexibility and the capacity to adjust to changing work conditions are essential qualities for good VAs. When an issue arises, they should be able to discover a solution and devise a strategy.


When you understand your customers’ demands, respect them, and provide suitable services, you earn their trust. VAs must be truthful, consistent, and dependable in their work.

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