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How to Outsource your Business’ Customer Service

Outsourcing customer service is becoming increasingly popular among businesses all around the world. The reason for this is to cut costs, reduce workload, expand office capacity, and provide round-the-clock support for customers. Although outsourcing customer support may seem like an appealing option, many companies still struggle to implement the strategy effectively.

Before outsourcing customer service, do research. It’s important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages and evaluate how to implement a third-party service. Read on for suggestions and considerations to help you execute this business function.

Clearly define your goals
This initial stage is extremely important in determining the success that your company will have with outsourcing. You need to have a clear understanding of what it is that you want to accomplish as well as what you expect from the third party that you are hiring. It is important to be explicit with both aspects to prevent major misalignments down the line.

Take time to formulate your goals and be specific with them. Then, create clear non-negotiable expectations for the third-party company you’ll engage. Include legal in discussions and make comprehensive contracts.

Focus on the needs of your clients
At this stage, you already know your customers’ pain points and preferences. Use this information to choose an outsourcing partner that will deliver the goal of better customer experience. The strategies must be hinged on the behaviors and needs of your customers. If your customers prefer over-the-phone support, then that channel should be supported even when outsourced.

Choose the right outsourcing partner
There are plenty of options available for outsourcing customer service. Different agencies offer different strategies and advantages. To help you choose the right option, create a selection criteria so that you can decide based on a clear set of guidelines. Key factors to consider are the ability to meet your short- and long-term goals, cost, shared values, and the ability to carry out a seamless transition.

Communicate effectively
Maintaining effective channels of communication is crucial for any outsourced customer service endeavor to succeed. Your outsourced staff must be kept abreast of relevant business developments and, likewise, you must be kept informed of changes that may impact service delivery. This will ensure that the changes will not negatively impact customer experience.

Ultimately, the goal of the customer service function in a business is to elevate customer experience. Outsourcing must support this objective otherwise it will be a disservice to your business.

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