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How to Grow your Professional Network

Any successful business owner would know that networking is vital to business success. If you are a new entrepreneur, it is imperative that you participate in networking activities more regularly to grow your circle.

If you struggle to network to begin with, increasing your network can be a mammoth task. Choosing where to start can be challenging, but consider networking as professional development that can be taken in small progressive steps.

Here are a few simple ways that you can do now to grow your professional network.

Engage in networking events
Networking events, whether virtual or in person, are a great way to introduce yourself and your business to fellow entrepreneurs. These gatherings are avenues to learn about other businesses, technologies, and recent developments. You may also meet prospective clients and partners.

Connect with existing contacts
A sure way of expanding your network is by nurturing your relationship with people you already know. Your circle may consist of those you’ve worked with in the past or present, such as friends, classmates, or ex-colleagues. Reach out to them in person or through social media to strengthen your connection.

Actively use social media
Social networking is a casual way to get to know people and keep in touch with them. Posting meaningful content builds interest and encourages discussion. Just be mindful to maintain prudence and good judgment when engaging in online platforms.

Update your Linkedin profile
Updating your LinkedIn profile sends professional updates to your network. When notified, your connections may take interest in your profile updates. This may lead to collaboration that may not otherwise be possible with your outdated profile.

Your network won’t change unless you take action. Think about how you want to shape your network next year, then take efforts to make it so. This could be the year’s best business investment.

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